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At DeviceCo Technical, our Range Of Services Include:

Machine Refurbishment

If you have plant or production equipment that needs an upgrade, but replacing it may not be economic, it may be worth considering a refurbishment. 

We can:
  • Replace older pneumatic logic or sequencer systems with modern PLC and electro pneumatic control equipment
  • Replace older style, mechanical drives with vector, servo or pneumatic positioning systems
  • Repair or replace mechanical machine elements
  • Replace or re- kit pneumatic valves, cylinders, actuators and other components
  • Undertake full engineering services and support

System Design and System Upgrades

System Design and System Upgrades
We can provide you with design support to modify an existing circuit or for the development of a new project. In addition to design, we build systems and can complete onsite installations. 

We can:
  • Assist with cylinder and valve selection
  • Specify appropriate air service units and port size
  • Provide a project component list
  • Design pneumatic logic circuits
  • Design PLC and electro pneumatic systems, programming and installation

To design pneumatic control systems we use software made specifically for this purpose. Most of the pneumatic equipment manufacturers supply circuit design software.

These types of packages can also integrate the electrical control systems for most projects.

Although a good circuit drawing package is helpful; when designing a good pneumatic system the real advantage is having someone who fully understands the project requirements and potential issues that may arise.
At DeviceCo Technical we have the experience and the skills to steer you in the right direction.

We also undertake system upgrades. Talk to us about your needs and the direction your company is taking. We may be able to retrofit onto existing systems or custom design machinery for your specifications.

In some situations a total upgrade may significantly improve your operation.

Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection Services
"Locating and remedying air leaks conserves energy. This easy gain money saving measure is good for your pocket, the bottom line and for the country".

An air audit service check will identify where leaks occur and can be as simple as tightening a connection or replacing faulty equipment. Finding the leak is the first step and that’s where DeviceCo Technical can help.

We will:
  • Meet with you and set up a Leak Prevention Program
  • Complete an Ultrasonic Leak Audit of your plant and equipment
  • Repair or replace faulty equipment and parts using all the leading brands of pneumatic equipment – whatever brand you prefer to use.
  • Verify the completed repair work
  • Prepare and maintain a Leak Prevention Program for you
  • Provide regular reports on activity, findings and savings
Finding and fixing leaks saves significant costs. Our Leak Detection service checks for compressed air losses using the latest ultrasonic techniques.

Our equipment is very sensitive and can find leaks that you could not even hear in a quiet room. We can detect leaks irrespective of background noise.
All leaks are documented on a written report, photographed or just tagged. The method used depends on your requirements. If you would prefer we can fix the leaks as the testing is completed.
For this reason a complete factory or department shutdown is not required. Using our special high reach detector we can test ring main installations up to 8 metres from the floor.

Using this system we don’t need to use long ladders or drive a scissor lift around your factory.

Book a leak detection service appointment online.

Pneumatic Materials Recycling Service

We are providing a free pick up service for all used, broken and superfluous pneumatic parts and systems.

Whilst recycling measures have been adopted by many plant and manufacturing businesses, pneumatic components are often disposed of in the general refuse and ultimately to landfill.

Let us remove that hassle and inconvenience and provide the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing. Please contact us if you would like us to provide a free recycling bin for your scrap pneumatic components.


We pride ourselves on our strong problem solving skills drawn from our industrial expertise and experience.

We can make your manufacturing processes faster, more precise and reliable by automating existing equipment or new machinery. Our expertise is in machine automation using pneumatic controls, but we also use servo drives, PLC applications and electrical sensors.

We have the workshop equipment and in-house expertise to build a complete machine or elements of a project depending on your requirements.

Preventative Maintenance and Backup

We believe in establishing long-term commercial relationships with our customers and we place great importance on delivering a comprehensive spares and after-sales service back up.

We offer a comprehensive range of service contracts. These can be extended to embrace your entire pneumatic systems, ensuring you have a single solution for all your pneumatic needs.

To ensure your machinery performs to the design specifications, it needs to be maintained regularly and undergo preventative maintenance.

We offer a cost efficient and pro-active service to ensure your machinery is working to its full potential.

We can also check on the safety systems you have in place for your pneumatic controls and will recommend safety initiatives especially if we can see improvements that can be made. We also provide advice on correct and on-going maintenance.


Our engineers install and service virtually any type of pneumatic equipment.

From our well-equipped central Christchurch workshop and office, we are ideally located to service Christchurch and beyond. Our service vehicles come to you equipped with a large range of pneumatic accessories, tools and equipment.

As qualified engineers we are able to extend beyond the pneumatic equipment sector.

Being able to integrate with other disciplines such as electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems is core strength of our company.

Industry Training

Industry Training
As an integral part of our range of services we also provide pneumatic training courses. These courses are designed specifically for maintenance, diagnostic and service engineers and meet curriculum standards set by tertiary industry training providers.

Run from our own 'in house' training room, the course is unique for the hands on teaching environment and workshop facilities that we provide.

Our course covers the following areas :
  • Fault Finding
  • Leak Detection
  • Servicing and Safety
  • Basic Theory
  • Air Service   
  • Control Valves
  • Actuators
  • Control Components
  • Fittings and Tubing
You will find your staff show a tangible improvement in their skill level after a DeviceCo Technical training course and become more competent using pneumatic equipment.

Other benefits include less plant downtime, cost reduction from better use of equipment, improved productivity, clear understanding of safe practices and staff satisfaction from an improved knowledge of how pneumatics work.

Students also leave with a certificate and their own comprehensive training manual.

Contact us now for details on the next Maintenance and Diagnostic Level 1.MDL-1 course.

Download the MDL - 1 Course Registration Form

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Leak Detection Services

An air audit service check will identify where leaks occur and can be as simple as tightening a connection or replacing faulty equipment. Finding the leak is the first step and that’s where DeviceCo Pneumatic can help.

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